About Me

I was alway a sickly child. Constant colds, chest infections, tired all the time, happy but tired. Maybe it’s what inspired me to train to be an Osteopath in 1998. There have been several periods in my life when my health has hit a low point. One of them was five years ago. I was fatigued, depressed and couldn’t work. This time was I was going to finally sort this out and started to research why I was ill. It would appear that my diet which I thought was healthy was, in fact, causing most of the problems.

First, I thought to be healthy I must go vegan, but this nearly put me in the hospital and triggered an autoimmune disease. So from an even lower point in my health, I thankfully discovered the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and started to regain my health. 5 years on my health is better than it has ever been.

I am now back enjoying Triathlon, a sport which I had to give up in my 20’s due to fatigue and injuries. Today I don’t exclude any real foods or food groups and can even eat bread! I have learnt so much from my journey and from the patients I have seen over the past few years. Now I want to help more people out of chronic pain, so they not only feel well but feel amazing.

This site is an extension of how I manage my chronic patients in my physical Clinic. Like all Osteopaths, I have seen hundreds of different cases of back pain over since graduating in 2002, and I now want to extend the knowledge I’ve gained to help many more worldwide.

I currently live in Napier, New Zealand with my wife and two young daughters running a busy Osteopathic clinic helping both humans and animals. Find us at www.yorkosteo.nz.

Chris York