Why this time of year is an excellent opportunity to make the changes needed to cure back pain.


In the northern hemisphere, as you will be feeling, the days are getting shorter and colder. So now is the perfect time to make the changes needed to cure back pain.

Why now?

Traditionally we wait until January to push the reset button. I feel this is too late and makes the changes far too difficult. Here is why.

Over the summer you would have been doing most of the things needed to help your back.

  • getting out in the sun
  • eating more salad, bbq’s and less comfort food
  • exercising more
  • spending more time sitting on the floor at the park/beach
  • Spending time smelling the flower and watching the odd sunrise/set.
  • Walking or moving more

As autumn turns to winter, we fall into bad habits, and it’s only after a few months we will feel the effects of these around the end of January. Either the back pain will get worse, or other health related issues will bubble to the surface like colds, chest infections, skin issues, and seasonal affective disorder.

If we start now we not only avoid these problems, we can also continue to improve our health will a view to curing the back pain come the next summer. Another reason is if we get the new routine up and running well before Christmas then we will get through the stressful over eating over partying holiday time feeling better than ever.

We don’t need to continue eating salads and trudging round our summer walk routes to remain healthy. Winter is a time of hibernation and rest, so we need a slightly different mindset to this time of year.

Exercise may be reduced and the walking is replaced with yoga. or simply more meditation and saunas. Nurturing the body over these months taking icy plunges and hot showers.

The key to exercise in the winter months is sunlight exposure. It is all too easy to go from home to office to gym to home. No wonder by Febuary we are ill and suffering the usual colds and coughs we are told come from exposure to more bugs.

Get into the habit of a blast of winter sun in the morning and then again at lunch time, even if its overcast. It is important for our internal body clock. The vitamin D we got from the sun in the summer needs to be replaced with our food rather than stripping off in the park in December.

In the summer we tend to sit and rest a bit more on the floor. whether in a garden or park. lying relaxing or eating a picnic. We spend more time on the ground which is good for 2 reasons. sitting is our unwinding mechanism. The flip side to moving. The other benefit is getting up off the floor is the best strength based exercise we can do. for more on this click here.

In winter this happens less due to ground being cold and wet. The trick is to continue this habit into the cooler months by doing it in the evening in front of the fire or on a warm comfy floor. A small amount of time in any position on the floor is time well spent.

Im not a fan of vitamin pills when we can get what we need from our food. Although taking a quality fish oil such as Green Pastures fermented products is a completely natural food supplement rather than an industrially processed pill. An oil like this will give you all the vitamin D you need as well as essential fatty acids, and if taken with their butter oil we will cover all bases.

If you have read my other posts about diet and health, you will know I recommend the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). If you start now and iron out all the logistics of radically changing our diet overnight you will have it dialled in come Christmas. The diet can work well over this period as you can eat plenty of meat, nuts, fruit, alcohol and fatty snacks. Trying to start when we are already comfort eating in January means we won’t and then come summer our back and gut are still dysfunctional. It also means a few months after starting the diet we can transition back to eating grains and starches in the spring using fresh veg.

The main reason to start now is that to cure back pain is a long process. Starting in the new year or spring because we want to go on a coach tour, or enjoy a relatives wedding without pain while standing or dancing is too late. There is no quick fix or miracle cure. It takes time commitment and patients. A marathon not a sprint.

If you are now fired up to starting today, then read why not read a free booklet I have written giving you all the information needed to initiate the process of curing back pain.


Chris York