How to solve back pain using a blog written from the other side of the world?

As it is seen as a mechanical problem how do you solve back pain when you can’t touch the patient? For most people with aches and pains having a skilled therapist physically correct the bit that hurts is needed.

When the situation is more complex and manual therapy hasn’t been completely successful. It is important to address the problem from a different perspective.

Osteopaths look for the cause, not the symptom. The nagging back pain is due to tissue dysfunction and injury at the site of pain, but the cause may be elsewhere. It is the skill of the osteopath to find this and improve the function of the body as a whole. The site of injury has a chance to heal its self, and the pain goes away. I wrote about this in the blog post about the pre-lesional state.

Treating a person is about understanding where the issues are which are preventing the injury from healing.

All Osteopaths take a detailed case history with many questions which seem unrelated to the pain you walked in with. This is where the detective work begins and if the problem is chronic the case is a tricky one. Unfortunately, it is not a simple as putting the bone back in place.

What is important is a detailed picture of the health of the person including emotional and Chemical ( external input such as food, water, toxins, infection) as well as structural.

The osteopath then has two goals:

One is to find the areas of dysfunction called osteopathic lesions using our hands as an incredibly sensitive scanning device. These are mapped out and healed using many different techniques including manipulation, massage, gentle functional or indirect techniques to using needles or ultrasound. The technique is not important, but the locating and resolving of these areas of dysfunction is.

The other Job of the osteopath is to find the health of the patient.

As the founder of osteopathy once said:

“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.” A. T Still. D.O.

This can be done with our hands during a consultation and by addressing other factors of the patient’s life which are preventing the bodies own healing mechanism from working to its real potential.

This is how It is possible to heal back pain from the other side of the world. By addressing these factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise.

Bringing these issues into balance, our body can heal itself with its medicine chest and treat the back pain.

I know from personal experience the osteopathic consultation is a busy one. Initially explaining what you find and how it affects the pain. Addressing bigger issues such as nutrition for chronic pain takes a lot of time. The same goes for understanding and learning stress management techniques such as meditation or reduced breathing. All of these can be done online and over the phone.

The best scenario is to continue seeing your osteopath and use the information on the website and free download to help yourself out of pain. If you feel back specialists have failed to improve your pain then this approach is essential.

This is where Nourished back comes in. It is not a replacement to seeing your osteopath, but a valuable addition to finding your health so you can heal yourself. To learn more click here.


Chris York