Why everybody wants to know the secret of back pain treatment.


This weekend we were invited to our first BBQ of the summer, and as we have only been in the area for two years, we met lots of new people. The question we are all asked is what do you do for a living. My wife and I are then asked what an Osteopath is, or we are asked how to fix the persons back. This happened a couple of time that night for both myself and my wife. No big deal and we had a great time, but it made me realise a crucial point.

He and the other people that night believed that we could give them the magic exercise or one piece of advice in a matter of minutes to solve his pain. When my answer involved quite a bit more, you could see his eyes glaze over, and he was looking at his beer bottle and was thinking of excusing himself for a refill!

I apologise if the title of this post is click bait and if you have clicked on it to find the secret. The answer is:

There isn’t one.

We all know this but are desperate for a diagnosis of clicking the joint/disc back in place or do the plank exercise every day for a week and you will be right.

The reality is back pain treatment and management can only work for that person at that time; it has to be tailored for the individual.

The four people at the BBQ could all have identical symptoms and the management dependant on work, gender, age, culture, weight, and most importantly the state of the health of the person.

I’ve written at length the three parts of health, and you will find much more information in the free booklet which you can download.

Briefly, health is made up of physical, chemical and emotional. The symptoms we feel be it back pain, skin problems, depression, gout, infertility, chronic fatigue, etc. are just symptoms of the person losing health in all three areas. Even infection is the same as it shows the person has lost the ability to defend the ever present viruses, germs and bugs which we live with every day.

Back pain is just a symptom.

Going back to the BBQ. My advice to a middle-aged man in the trades he probably needed to increase his flexibility rather than see his back pain as a weakness in need of strengthing. Also, I saw he had three young children, and life was busy, so finding a way to just unwind a few times a week like a sauna, swim, massage would help. Finally, he needed to see he paid more attention to his car than his body and regular treatment to keep him well serviced would be sensible (just like the car). This is without addressing many other areas which I wasn’t prepared to go into as It was a Saturday night and I was off duty.

My advice is if the back pain is recent then moving a bit more and seeing an osteopath will probably fix it.

If the conversation had started that they had seen every osteopath and chiropractor in the area and nobody could fix it then pointing them to this site and beginning the process of managing chronic pain would have been my reply.

Just remember back pain is just a symptom and remember your body is telling you something/s which you probably know you should change.


Chris York