No, you do not need to stop seeing anybody. In fact, you need to continue to see your Osteopath or Chiropractor because the mechanical component of your pain needs to be maintained and after the nutritional and lifestyle changes have been made your osteopath will be able to do more.

The download material is a crucial part of this program. If only some of the advice is followed, then the chances of your back pain improving are slim. The areas of the guide are like the cogs in a watch. They are all needed for the clock to function. Even if one is missing the watch will not work.

If you are not able to make the changes needed at present, then it may be better to wait until you can complete all of the requirements in the guide.

By Seeing your back pain as more than a mechanical problem is the solution to resolving chronic pain. We function as a whole and therefore by addressing the whole we can leverage significant change. Diet is a cornerstone of health and is a major player in transforming your pain. The other areas of health are just as important and it is the total of these changes which makes the difference, not one food group or one small change.