Its only when we stop trying the pain goes away. How three simple changes can make all the difference.


An osteopath is taught that Nature is to be trusted to the end. – A.T. Still MD, DO, Autobiography (Founder of Osteopathy)

For the past four days I have been away from the clinic and back to my yearly course at the Mana Retreat in the Coromandel New Zealand.

The course is Osteopathy in the cranial field using a biodynamic approach.

Understanding this concept would fill many pages, so to summarise, it is the trusting of the healing mechanism present in all of us and therefore nature itself.

A hard concept for osteopaths to practice not because it is difficult to see but the practical application is NOT to DO but to listen with the intent of a child and allow natural forces to heal.

After many years of “doing” to treat my patients, this concept goes against what I have learnt, but I know deep down it is right because it feels so good when I practice it and have it practised on me. Profound changes can be made by listening and waiting.

While I strongly suggest you find an experienced biodynamic osteopath you can apply these principles to your own life to help you find the thread back to health which no matter how lost we have become we can all find.

The three things you can do to find the thread of health are:


  • If the healing mechanism your osteopath is using is coming from outside of us and them, like an invisible force or field then it makes sense to spend time in nature where it exists in abundance. This is why we become drawn to it and holidays by the sea, lake or mountain are so refreshing. Making time each day to really see nature at work like watching birds feeding in the garden, or dogs playing in the park and to also spend time each week seeing the horizon and a touching landscape is vital. When we are in chronic pain, it won’t be enough to lead us to health, but it will complement all the other things we need to do and starts the process.


  • The connection from nature to our physical body is the breath. This has been the window to health for so many different cultures. To use the breath mean we normalise our physiology to enable the healing mechanism to have the energy to do its work. Using simple breathing exercises on a daily basis is a way to significant change. For more information, please click here to subscribe and download the free booklet with simple exercises. It is said for every year of ill health it takes a month of treatment so be patient and get into a good routine and remember it costs nothing but time.


  • The third and most difficult is to do what I’m learning and to wait, wait a bit more and then wait some more. Not doing. This is not watching the clock or calendar for the pain to go away. It is more like mindfulness and waiting in the moment. It is in this state that change can happen but trying to make it happen will only bring small insignificant changes. Again trying to understand this is not going to fit into a short weekly blog on health so it requires further exploration. I recommend a mindfulness course or reading such as “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. If we already understand these principles and the power of the present moment, then this is a gentle reminder to practice it daily like any prescription be it hamstring stretches or dietary changes.

In principle, we could make huge changes with these three changes. When we need help to maintain the frequency of these changes a skilled practitioner such as an osteopath or even a simple weekly reminder such as this blog are essential. In the future, I plan to build an online support system, so it’s right at the end of your phone to find the thread back to health.

If writing your own experience helps then, please leave me a comment. or contact me.

Chris York