I was seen as neurotic when trying to solve my chronic health issues and why it’s ok.

It seems a long time ago now, like a different life, but at the time I knew most of my friends and even my trusted Osteopath and homeopath thought I was neurotic and even anorexic.

Chronic low-level fatigue was becoming a real issue for me five years ago. Grumpy, tired, short tempered I had to make a change and a big one. So I decided to follow the “gold” standard of a healthy diet and give up chocolate biscuits, builders tea, roast dinner and English breakfast and become vegan.

This was the cure, and I knew it might take time, so I was to stick with it for as long as possible. All that I’d read about a plant-based diet was how much energy I’d have and how health problems like joint aches and pains or stomach pain would go away.

A year into this I was very underweight, more tired and now had no hope.

I could hear in my head all my friends saying “I told you so” you need to eat meat and you are unwell. I didn’t listen as I knew they didn’t understand.

This part of the story doesn’t end well as I had to stop eating a plant-based diet as I couldn’t work and then suffered a painful autoimmune attack affecting nerves in my shoulders. ( It wasn’t the lack of meat or dairy and for others this diet can be fantastic. It just didn’t work for me and now I know why)

Becoming worse was the start of the path to solving my issues. I did look stupid, and I did have egg on my face, but looking back it was the best thing I ever did.

I took control whether right or wrong the important message is that I started the journey to health. Ok I took a big wrong turn at the outset. The rest of the journey was just as twisted and challenging, but that was the hardest bit. starting.

So maybe the crazy health treatment you are having, or diet you are trying is not getting the support you were hoping for from loved ones. It probably isn’t as other people usually just don’t get the chronic illness and think you are neurotic (even health professionals). My advice is to be bold enough to start and then trust yourself, and it’s your health journey and only yours. Listen to others but what you decided is for you to make not someone else no matter how many letters they have after their name or how ill they have been.

It took me five years of searching and most of my savings to get to the bottom of why I was so tired.

Now I want to help as many other people out of the hole that is chronic pain I created Nourished Back as a site with information and support in this process.

Like my journey, it should be read digested and if it resonates then used otherwise move on to the next idea because I believe chronic pain is not just a bad hand dealt at birth which is set in stone, but we can all find a way out just as I’ve done.


Chris York

I wanted to post a picture of me at my worst to highlight how I was feeling but like all chronic pain the photos don’t show me any different to now. So I’ve posted of one taken yesterday not to brag but to try and inspire you to solve your pain like I have done.