Why Does my Back Hurt?

There isn’t a yoga or Pilates class you haven’t been to; you are on first name terms with all the teachers. All help but none has changed the constant ache you have in your back. Sleeping in on a precious Saturday morning is impossible, finding a long walk in the early morning has become the norm even though you would love the rest.

You fear an evening out with friends if it means standing for more than 20 minutes and long drives to see old friends isn’t appealing as the car seat is a torcher chamber. Your time poor doctor has run every test they can think of and the scans you paid for because your doctor was unwilling to go the extra mile have all come back negative.

Your only help is a caring Osteopath/Chiropractor who is trying their best to help you and relieves the ache, but it doesn’t go away. Maybe the doctor is right, and it is all in your head, and you are depressed. You may think what you are eating or doing is healthy and helping your back pain, but it is probably not and is possibly leading to chronic inflammation and back pain that doesn’t go away.

Back pain is complicated, and most intervention is aimed at the mechanical side of the equation. This is not the whole picture and is missing the other 2/3rds. For many years, I treated people in this situation with symptom relieving osteopathy and wondered why they kept coming back month after month, happy to get a few days relief. I was not happy about this situation and after my health deteriorated due to an undiagnosed lifelong inflammatory condition I realised I could help these people out of pain.

There was nobody to help me solve my subclinical problem; my Osteopath didn’t understand, I had received no training like this during my 4 years of study. I made some big errors along the way, and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. I don’t want you to stop seeing your osteopath or chiropractor, but I do want you to take control and for you to finally understand what is making your back ache and then knowing why you can help yourself make the changes you need to.

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